Mili gets a lift out of Anchor

Seinimili (Mili) Turner is not your average grandmother. At 64 years old, she holds three current world records in powerlifting, along with eight Commonwealth and four Oceania champs records, and was named Fiji’s Sportswoman of the Year in 2013.

Mili, along with other inspirational Pacific Islanders, is a star of Anchor’s ‘Goodness feeds Greatness’ campaign. The campaign follows extraordinary Pacific people as they tell their inspirational stories of greatness.

Born in Taveuni Island, Fiji to humble beginnings, Mili’s job as a child was to milk the family cow – where she sneakily skimmed the creamy bit off the top for herself before taking it inside for the family. To this day, she credits milk for her strength and an important part of her diet when training.

Losing her mum at a young age forced Mili to get a job in a bar where she was lifting crates – she didn’t know it then, but this heavy lifting was to pay off later when she found herself competing in Powerlifting – the sport she is now famous for.

Powerlifting has taken Mili all over the world, but it’s at her gym in Suva where she’s happiest. Five days a week, Mili walks 8km each way to get to her gym and train with her coach. It’s important for Mili that she gives back to her people, and she dedicates much of her time to raising the profile of powerlifting in Fiji and helping to train the competitors of the future - she currently has 10 apprentices under her wing.

Her journey is far from over as she wants to compete at the World Classic Powerlifting Championship in Canada next year, where she hopes she can break her own world record. Mili’s story and her dedication proves that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it.

We think she’s a pretty amazing ambassador for Anchor – proving that goodness really can feed greatness!

You can see more of the campaign, including videos of Mili on the Anchor Pacific Facebook page