Product Information

Variant Name

Symbio Probalance Yoghurt Vanilla 4x150 g

Symbio Probalance Yoghurt Passionfruit 4x150 g

Symbio Probalance Yoghurt Mixed Berry 4x150 g

Symbio Probalance Yoghurt Natural Unsweetened 4x150 g

Symbio Probalance Yoghurt Rhubarb 4x150 g


Skim milk, sugar, water, dietary fibre (inulin, polydextrose), thickener (1422, 1442), cream, halal gelatine, mineral (calcium), vanilla bean extract (0.1%), acidity regulator (270), flavour, preservative (202), vitamins A, D, live cultures (including acidophilus and Bifidobacterium DR10™))

Nutritional Information

Average quantity per 100 g

Energy 297 kJ (71 Cal)
Protein 4.1 g
- gluten 0.0 mg
Fat, total 0.9 g
- saturated 0.5 g
Carbohydrate 10.2 g
-sugars 8.6 g
Dietary fibre, total 2.0 g
- inulin 1.2 g
- polydextrose 0.8 g
Sodium 37 mg
Calcium 178 mg
Vitamin A 67 µg
Vitamin D 0.7 µg
Bifidobacterium (DR10™) 3.3 billion cfu^ (min)

^cfu: colony forming units.

Nutritional information on other SKUs may vary.

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